building your business is hard enough
finding the right help shouldn't be.
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Our Values

Values matter.  How we do business matters.  Here are our top priorities.


We win together. The startup and professional relationships that you gain through your participation will provide incredible and lasting value to your business


Holding respect for all in high esteem, we operate our business with integrity. We do what we say we will. Your business, your ideas, and your time deserve honor. Everyone involved with the SBSC demonstrates honor in their words and actions.


Continually striving to do our best, the SBSC inspires business owners to aim for excellence. The caliber of our work is reflected in your business; we pursue excellence in all we do. Since our business is distinct – yours will be too.


over competition. At The SBSC, we’re focused on creating opportunities for exchanging ideas, regardless of stage.  Along with ideas, you need to connect with resources and skills to execute. Our goal is to reflect a cross-section of industries and startup backgrounds so entrepreneurs can connect to resources they need.  We are about getting people together across silos, of any kind. A dynamic environment moves people forward.


Creativity fuels progress! Utilizing our expertise, networks, and unique ideas, we provide our members with innovative solutions.


Our team seeks to serve with kindness every step of the way. You matter, your business matters, and SBSC is here to help. Regardless of the size of the company, or the size of the problem, everything is treated with enthusiasm and careful consideration.


The SBSC is intentional about building a diverse community since day one. We believe that entrepreneurship should be open to any willing and driven person.  The SBSC community blazes a trail in the face of current incubator and accelerator models, where most only accept certain tech industries and provide a support for a predetermined period of time.