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building your business is hard enough
finding the right help shouldn't be.
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Our approach is unique.

Combine an on-the-ground community strategy with an online web-based-portal of access and collaboration.

Our mission is simple.

Empower people with practical skills and access to build business opportunities that create jobs, support families, & strengthen communities.

Our goal is bold.

Transform communities by removing barriers and stereotypes.





Communities outside of major metros are often overlooked and ignored.  The effect trickles down to hopeful entrepreneurs and existing small business owners that have limited  access to  community, resources and collaboration to grow their business.

Small Business Owners are over-burdened, under-resourced, marginalized and cut-off from access to updated skills, qualified experts, appropriate technology and capital dollars to sustain their business or accelerate deeper growth.

Secondary communities are often overlooked for large economic development based projects due to lack of infrastructure, geography and workforce.  While many communities suffer from focusing on large projects (“If we could attract 4/1000 person companies….”)


The SBSC uses a ground-up strategy supporting  entrepreneurs and small businesses for long-term economic and community development by leveling the playing field of entrepreneurship.

We foster a community of resources across a variety of topical areas to solve problems, gain access to mentorship and advice to achieve their goals

Enable workforce ecosystems to generate a pool of talent and opportunities to build teams for small businesses and local communities


SBSC’s approach is a simple, yet powerfully unique concept uniquely combining an on-the-ground strategy with an online web-based-portal to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

The SBSC is a one-stop, easy-to-use support system focused on the small business and startup community to accelerate entrepreneurs, emerging-growth companies and existing small businesses capacities for growth. It empowers them with access to a full complement of expertise and tangible, practical resources to help solve problems so they can grow.