building your business is hard enough
finding the right help shouldn't be.
Next Steps

Our approach is unique.

Combine a local community with global impact by accessing experts via web-enabled technology to foster collaboration.

Our mission is simple.

Empower people with practical skills and access to build business opportunities that create jobs, support families, & strengthen communities.

Our goal is bold.

Transform communities by removing barriers and stereotypes.

Introducing SBSC

Starting a Small Business


Communities outside of major metros are often overlooked and ignored. The effect trickles down to hopeful entrepreneurs and existing small business owners that have limited access to community, resources and collaboration to grow their business.


The SBSC uses a ground-up strategy supporting community’s entrepreneurs and small businesses for long-term economic development by leveling the playing field of entrepreneurship.

We foster workforce ecosystems to generate a pool of talent to build teams for small businesses and entrepreneurs in local communities across a variety of industry sectors.


We collaborate with community-based organizations with access to a one-stop, hybrid on-the-ground with a web-based-portal where small businesses gain unprecedented access to the expertise needed to grow their business.

Community-based membership organizations include Spark Saratoga & Innovate 518 Innovation Hub.